Maps Revision A – 30 May 2018

NOTE: This map is not the Master Plan and does not contain the detailed information contained within the previously sourced master plan maps. All tracks surrounding Mt Tugwell are conducive with constant shuttling. Vehicles can travel from Old Warburton to the top of Mt Tugwell relatively quickly and practically because it is a short distance. This could explain why the plan does not have extensive tracks through Mt Donna Buanng by comparison. Shuttle services up to Mt Donna Buanng will take much longer, likely cost more, and so, will be less desirable to those seeking the down hill runs. Cross country / all terrain riders may be an exception to this case. Regardless of trail alignments this plan still poses a significant impact to the amenity of Old Warburton residents.

MTB Destination Project (Warburton Trail Alignments)
Download Warburton Trail Alignments (Higher Resolution)

Maps Revision Unknown

The following Maps detail tracks proposed by the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination Project (AKA Warburton Mountain Bike Hub). These map were sourced directly from Yarra Ranges Council.
NOTE: There is no date or version information on the track plans. They were provided by Yarra Ranges Council in May 2018.

Brochure Map
Download Brochure Map (Higher Resolution)


Mt Little Joe Tracks
Download Mt Little Joe Map (Higher Resolution)


Mt Tugwell Tracks
Download Mt Tugwell Part 1 Map (Higher Resolution)


Drop A K Part Tracks 1
Download Drop A-K Part 1 Map (Higher Resolution)


Drop A K Part Tracks 2
Download Drop A-K Part 2 Map (Higher Resolution)


Drop A K Part Tracks 3
Download Drop A-K Part 3 Map (Higher Resolution)


Aqueduct Tracks
Download Aqueduct Map (Higher Resolution)


Old Warburton
Download Old Warburton Map (Higher Resolution)